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Venue Owner Features

Cut your Paper Diary

Say goodbye to paper diaries, your venue or hall availability is shown online to users and spaces can be booked or enquired with instant confirmation to your email. It’s an electronic diary to ease your business management and venue space from one hour to one day space.

Business open 24/7/365 days for bookings, but your hours under your control

You list your venue or halls spaces on the hourly basis to a daily basis, and users can book any time through our website,and also through your own website and your Facebook page (around the clock exposure for your venue spaces).

Save advertising cost

We advertise on all social media sites, giving you more coverage and business opportunities or venue space filling. So you do not need to create a website, as your profile on our site will include everything a website needs.

Fill up empty space on hourly or daily basis

Venue spaces are exposed to all users in our nationwide search engine. Better chances to fill available spaces and even at the last minute. Our system dynamically displays your unbooked spaces without your involvement. Our system can manage spaces from 15mintes to one day so option expose all available spaces.

No overlapping or overbooking

Our system adjusts your venue or halls available space. As a venue owner you can manage or market all spaces from 15 minutes to one day as per your business model. Space or Hall will be blocked once booked and availability is shown to customers to generate more business without overlapping and also reduces general enquires

Your virtual receptionist

All you now have to do is to check your dashboard where all booked spaces and available spaces can be shown. Changing venue or hall timings and availability at your finger tips. You can display Time, Price, Facilities and many more to your customers as per your business model.

Avoid unwanted enquires

You can show maximum information to users and avoid unnecessary enquires

Saves your time – reduces time on space management

Spaces booked automatically within available hours and dynamically checked available spaces so it reduces time on phone calls and diary management.

Only £100 - Zero commission

We encourage easy convenient & transparent business model, this a month on month subscription enabling us to give you better services each month and taking your business on an upward graph every month.


Gain feedback and reviews from your a genuine way of attracting more customers. Provide exactly what your customers think of your venue or hall so that you can continue to improve and reach more customers.

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